The world is witnessing rapid convergence of short-range and long-range wireless technologies, and this is powered by a proliferation of low-cost sensors in a variety of fields.

Our Mission is to be a key player in the global market in the adoption and deployment of NoWire™ convergence platforms accross vertical markets. Hetrogenous aims to scale wireless sensor-chipset solutions, providing a uniform standardized API for cross-embedded devices enabling easy integration to verticals, and guaranteeing interoperability with existing deployments and technologies.

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  • Hetrogenous

    A state-of-the-art platform to capture data from any source, tether it with context, and return it with control sequencing to provide the Internet of Things experience to today's business problems.

    STAY™ Framework is a collection of APIs that developers and third parties can use to interface, access, monitor, manage, and create lifestyle services. Developers can encapsulate and virtualize gateway devices per application as a standardized M2M-enabled device across various segments while in different environments. Using STAY-ResiGate™ or the STAY-NoMadic™ M2M Gateways, devices and their control nodes are capable of exposing their functionality through standardized interfaces that use RESTful Web Services APIs. This allows for easy integration with a variety of other proprietary M2M-enabled devices and platforms.

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    Communication between machines enables innovative advances in technology. By connecting computer networks, sensors, actuators, machines and other devices based on the Internet protocol, a whole new world of business opportunities arises as well as new possibilities to increase the comfort of living.

    Hetrogenous offers new solutions to make people’s lives easier and more secure by linking the physical world of things to the virtual world of the Internet. Our proprietary platforms enable the creation and the operation of a secure, flexible and transparent infrastructure for distributed things and devices.



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