Elevator Management

Modular and stackable solution for
connected elevators

Hetrogenous’ Elevator Management solution uses our patented distributed computing technology – Hetrogenous LessWire™ – to remove unstable signal and power wires running throughout the elevator system. Hetrogenous’ hardware-and-software design approach is modular and stackable, allowing it to be extended to any number of floors. Hetrogenous can turn ordinary elevators into "connected elevators" by reporting events in real-time over high-speed intelligent wireless gateways.

Connected Elevator Solution

Key Features

Elevator is connected and reports data and alerts in real-time

Multiple elevators and building automation system can be integrated using one gateway at a physical location

Modular solution enables multiple elevators to be connected

Remote diagnostics enables faster emergency response time and more efficient maintenance operations


Customized and up-to-date software and firmware

CCTV, door locking and unlocking, and other security and safety integrations

Effective traffic management such as queuing for elevator reservation and medical emergencies

Seamless integration with HVAC, lighting, and camera solution


Role-based and rule-based Reporting and Alerts for both O&M and Support Field Staff

Data reporting in real-time in comparison to historical trends

Key Benefits

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Automatic and Intelligent Remote Diagnosis

Security for Passengers with Access Control

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