Simplified Remote Tower Management and Value-Added Solutions for Telco Providers

Remote Tower Operations Management

Hetrogenous’ TowerSTAYTM platform utilizes a pathway of standards-based communications that enables experts in facility and network management to connect via software so they can work together to:

Resolve problems faster by building appropriate decision analytics and automation

Build a collective knowledge base of lessons learned

Use live data collection mechanisms, data mining, Business Intelligence, and analytics

Drive better business planning and operations decisions in the future

Hetrogenous TowerSTAY TM

Hetrogenous’ TowerSTAYTM platform uses integrated hardware and connected cloud software that enables tower administrators to remotely monitor and actively control vital cell tower functions and parameters and streamline operations while driving accountability and visibility.


Integrated hardware that monitors sensor data from TowerSTAY™ nodes, performs edge processing, connects to the TowerSTAY™ Cloud, and allows remote control of key operations through the nodes.

TowerSTAY™ Cloud

Powerful data analytics platform that enables real-time data aggregation and secure mining of massive amounts of data. Enables cell tower management, facility automation, and decision support capabilities for streamlined operations.

TowerSTAY™ Mobile

Data dashboard accessed through mobile thin-clients that provides remote tower administrators with an in-depth view into the various aspects of a site through contextualized and visualized data along with remote controls.

Hetrogenous TowerSTAYTM

Hetrogenous’ TowerViewTM is a dashboard solution that gives remote tower administrators total operational visibility and advanced analytics with an intuitive user interface.

Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard view graphs and visualizations

Role-based access

Reporting and alerts

Advanced analytics for both structured and unstructured data

Rich index and query support

Analyze and act on data from months, weeks, days ago

Value-Added Solutions for Telco Providers

As the value chain of the telecommunications industry continues to shift from voice, SMS, and data services to delivering content and powering the IoT, Hetrogenous’ platform enables providers to keep up with the transformation and create new revenue opportunities.

IoT Services for Industry Verticals

Enable IoT connectivity to customers and vertical markets. Hetrogenous’ platform enables telco companies to partner with IoT device and service providers, application developers, and third parties to create bundled IoT services.

SLA Management and Improvement

Hetrogenous’ platform delivers vastly improved IoT user experience for customers by ensuring high-speed access and connectivity to IoT-enabled devices, reliable support through remote monitoring, and all-around performance improvement.

IoT Analytics

Hetrogenous enables enterprises to collect, process, and analyze data gathered from IoT devices, networks, and applications in real-time.

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