Fleet Management

State-of-the-art solution for fast, secure, and reliable fleet services

Hetrogenous offers fleet managers, such as Taxi companies, an affordable yet efficient tracking, dispatch, and managed service for enhanced operational efficiency and improved bottom line. Our STAYTM Framework enables fleet operators to provide their customers with fast, secure, and reliable services by taking advantage of the IoT.

STAYTM Framework for Fleet Management

Key Features

Contextual automation identifies the nearest cab to customer call in real-time using cell tower triangulation

Robust, cloud-based Booking and Dispatch solution enables a single agent to manage 60 to 300 cabs

Customized mobile application provides cab availability information and booking functionality directly on customer's device

Proprietary hardware utilizes a combination of GPS and Vehicle Odometer for greater accuracy

Availability of various vehicle reports at one go from the solution, making vehicle service and maintenance much easier

Availability of continuous vehicle on-board diagnostics which gives complete information about the vehicle’s engine information in real-time for better fleet maintenance

Key Benefits

Efficient booking and dispatch management

Fast, reliable, and secure information exchange

Cloud-based, automated, and interactive services

Guaranteed customer safety


Increased customer loyalty

Enhanced operational efficiency

Reduced costs and quick ROI

Round-the-clock support

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Hetrogenous products are uniquely positioned to help operators and service providers of all sizes to leverage the power of the “Always On” mobile Internet.