Hetrogenous’ STAYTM Cognitive Platform
for the Internet of Things

Hetrogenous’ STAYTM platform enables secured connectivity and control of real & virtual systems through the Internet over any hardware, device and network interface, enabling enterprises to capture critical performance data across key assets and infrastructure, extract and visualize actionable insights with intelligent analytics, and provide access via APIs and industry standard protocols.


Hetrogenous Hardware can aggregate sensor data from any source, and over any channel


Hetrogenous Cloud can assimilate all sensor data into a network of data sets


Hetrogenous Application can accelerate enterprise needs: intelligence, insights, mediation, analytics, and predictability

The Hetrogenous STAYTM Framework and APIs enable the connected cloud software to adapt to the transformed hardware of any industry and create new and powerful Locate-Sense-Interact-Control applications that can be mapped to the specific needs of all industries.


Integrated hardware that monitors sensor data from STAYTM nodes, performs edge processing, connects to the STAYTM Cloud, and allows remote control of key operations through the nodes.

Plug-n-play – Low power, modular plug & play hardware with portable embedded software central MCU/MPU (ARM Cortex M4/A9)

Multi-core – Multicore heterogeneous computing with multiple hardware interfaces based on Message Passing Interface (MPI) implementation

Modular – Modular hardware architecture with each standalone module capable of independent function

Connected – Out-of-box internet connectivity using STAYTM platform with over-the-air programmability and firmware upgrade/update


Powerful data analytics platform that enables real-time data aggregation and secure mining of massive amounts of data.

Agnostic – Agnostic data acquisition from sensors, actuating relays, and machines via remote wireless/wired end nodes with onboard protocol translation capability

Bi-directional – Bi-directional communication with constant synchronization between SmartGate, the STAYTM Platforms, and Mobile thin-clients

Lightweight – Network software stack of various advanced “lightweight” protocols (CoAP, MQTT, RTMP) suitable for all types of data: voice, video and text

Flexible – Public and private cloud interfacing via multi-radio routing gateway over any PHY/MAC layer for secure data mining and analytics in real-time.


Data dashboard accessed through mobile thin-clients provides remote tower administrators with an in-depth view into the various aspects of a site through contextualized and visualized data along with remote controls.

Accessible – JavaScript/node.js compatibility, allowing for great accessibility and availability over the web and mobile thin-clients

Dynamic – Dynamic task scheduling with highly available redundant failover IOT-ready and highly scalable

Intuitive – Intuitive and highly responsive GUI-based hardware or embedded Programming Tool


Hetrogenous’ STAYTM Platform is a virtually future-proof hardware solution that enables today's enterprises to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer demands. It is:


STAYTM Platform is a modular hardware solution that can fully function on its own or in concert with other units.


STAYTM Platform can be scaled both vertically and horizontally, with an innovative configuration database that can be seamlessly integrated to other business areas.


STAYTM Platform is built using an open architecture with a platform-independent data-driven framework, allowing it to evolve as technologies change.

Key Benefits

Hetrogenous’ STAYTM Platform enables enterprises to drive the quality of their services at any time, anywhere, across any service model.

  • Real-time availability of data with site status and alerts
  • Greater efficiency and cost control
  • Improved operational visibility and traceability
  • Faster decision making and quicker turnaround times

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